Titles available on region free DVD in Europe! #SexLiesDepravity #Gay #Indie #Movie #LGBT

Hi Guys,

Just a quick little heads up for those who’d wanted to see some of our material! Our first film from back in 2012 has started to be ordered via Amazon UK, Germany and other European Amazon’s, they state it is Region 1, but Amazon USA confirms these titles are Region Free DVD’s.

I have got word from some great followers and friends that they have been ordering our old title (previously very hard to get hold of in Europe). 

You can now pick up Sex Lies & Depravity pretty cheap from these Amazon stores, and if you’re willing to go the extra cost you can also get the sequel to sex lies, and boys behind bars on some Amazon stores, anyway here’s a little heads up!

Buy Sex Lies & Depravity UK

Buy Sex Lies & Depravity Germany

and for anyone still in the USA who hasn’t seen it, click here! 

Check your local Amazon for other countries that stock it I’m sure I’ve seen it on sale in Italy & Spain as well. 





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