A Review from Ian Bradley Marshall on my novella- The Serotine Within!

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Thank you to author Ian Bradley Marshall for this wonderful review! I feel very blessed to receive such comments! I cannot wait to bring The Serotine Within: Part II, The Hibernation of the Serotine out in March! 

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Ross looked at Alexander flabbergasted by this quick turn of events,

and finally realising just how depraved and magnificent,

and inhumane this crazy boy was!


This is not the beginning of Serotine, it’s not the end but lies neatly in a scene that moves so horrifyingly fast that at times I needed to stop just to catch my breath, just to take in the next scene within the scene that Radford develops with lightning speed and ferocity.

And the scenes only interlock in retrospect. He steals each one upon you unsuspectingly and with a ferocity and violence and yet with a literary skill that is there, to the fore, in the writing of the here and now. You live the moment.

And this is the hallmark of The Serotine Within from the start. You are right in there with the author, pulling you from scene to scene, provoking you to debate within yourself unmentionable things, forcing you to acknowledge that things go on in society, in town, maybe even in your street that you thought long departed civilisation – so called civilisation.

I’m not going to give anything more away because, as every writer will argue, a book can be destroyed by a well-meaning review that goes and gives the plot away. It reminds me of a case that’s currently raging on Amazon where the author is trying to obtain compensation because the reviewer went and gave the ending away. Okay, you might say! Lot’s do. But this was a ‘Whodunit’! I rest my case.

So, back to The Serotine Within.

Alexander Thomas Kidder. The guy you love to hate. But that’s because you’re being challenged by the parts in him that too often remind you of yourself.

And Radford has so written this as to enable Alexander to invade your soul. And just as with forbidden fruit, the taste of which is always beyond any earthly experience, so too once we taste of what Alexander offers, we can never look back to a time of being ‘pre-Serotine’! Our whole perception is called into question; our perception of life as we know it; our perception of sexuality; our perception of what happened when religion came onto the scene and codified society aeons ago.

Radford is making us, no, enabling us, to address these issues.

And in a writer, especially a young writer and poet, these are the qualities I look for. I want to be challenged. Maybe that’s because I like to challenge too, as those who read my own work, often comment. I thought I was risqué. Phew! Mine is a walk in the garden in comparison to Radford’s. Which leaves me with one thought and with this thought I’ll end the review – I sincerely hope I get to co-writing with Wade because he, to put it in his own inimitable style, has the balls, the fucking balls to say it as it is.

And I like that. That’s exactly what I want to see in the whole concept of the new Era of Enlightenment expounded on my website.

I like young people challenging. I always encourage young people to provoke debate, to raise issues that the older generation would rather ignore or pretend don’t exist or otherwise reject outright. Why? Because these young people are tomorrow’s future. They are the ones whose backs must be broad enough to carry the weight of civilization into the 22nd Century. And doing that means starting now. Wade Radford is!


Ian Bradley Marshall

Liverpool UK


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