A little Update :-)

So it’s been a busy time just recently, but hey that’s better than being bored! 

Our two new films ‘Boys Behind Bars’ & ‘More Sex Lies & Depravity’ have just been out for over a week, and ‘Boys’ in particular seems to be going strong, so this make’s us wonderfully happy! 

But even bigger than that for me at the moment is a different personal achievement and that is completing my sequel book

‘The Serotine Within Part II: The Hibernation of the Serotine’

I originally started writing this straight after my original release of the first Serotine, and then gave up three chapters in, for fear that I was about to fuck it all up! Well I still might have, but what I can say is, it is now completed finally after many sleepless nights, and I’m feeling the new direction of it! So for me as the writer, I’m satisfied! 


I can’t wait to unleash the next part of Alexander Thomas Kidder’s life upon the world! 

I hope you are all well, and I thank you again for so many of you sticking by me with both the films and books,

You can now also make personal contact with me at my new Facebook, it’s not a page, it’s my actual profile. Add me!

A happy weekend to you all, Lot’s of love, 





(A rough copy of the new proposed cover for TSW: Part II)


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