Sex Lies & Depravity- The British, Art House, Micro Budget, Gay Film from 2012!

So we are just about a month away from the release of SLD2, but have you seen the original underground cult film from 2012? Made in England on the lowest of budgets, this was the first film I wrote and starred in, directed by cult film maker Jason Impey.

If you haven’t seen this bisexual, violent, edgy slice of Brit council estate action get on it!

Can be ordered on Amazon Instant Video, DVD, Ebay, Barnes and Noble and other retailers. Though released in America these discs are region free and can be played anywhere, amazon USA confirms this.

Synopsis: Sex, Lies and Depravity follows Jake, and his letters to childhood friend Arran. After one volatile night, Jake storms out of the family home and by chance meets Ethan, a young, gay, streetwise charmer. Jake struggles to keep the lid on the truth of his real identity and his new found affair with Ethan.


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