Thank you 2013! Heyy 2014, wanna make babies? Happy New Year & Thank you!

Hey good friends, and fine people,

First off Happy bloody New Year, and I wish to thank you all for supporting me during 2013 and helping me make dreams come true!

I’ve been pretty busy throughout 2012 and then 2013 but none of my work had until June really surfaced! We finally saw the release of Sex Lies & Depravity to DVD on June 18th, and the response has been awesome! It’s nice to see an audience out there still enjoying the micro budget, indie film market! 

During the course of 2013 I made a short film with Director and friend Jason Impey ‘Tub Boy’ which we entered into a festival, I also appeared in the forth coming short film ‘The Cult’ by Director Freddie Gerard Abbott. Jason & I also decided to shoot two micro budget films in one day each, them being the apocalyptic love story ‘1 Last Chance At Paradise’ (Coming Soon), and the nasty, grind house prison film ‘Boys Behind Bars’, which is out to pre order now!

Though it wasn’t filmed in 2013, we also finally have the release of the sequel More Sex Lies & Depravity on the cards, and can’t wait to see it out on DVD!

To fill in time between shooting films I also decided to go off on a mad tangent of writing 3 erotica books, and releasing a poetry collection…That was also good fun! 

Dirty Sexy Deadly Volume 1, and Volume 2, The Serotine Within, and my poetry collection ‘Tough Blows Of A Sleepless Universe’… As I said good fun! 

So 2014 is finally here and this year I’m already in lots of talks! Jason Impey’s ‘Lustful Desires’ will be coming out later in the year, as will our ‘1 Last Chance At Paradise’, and I have confirmed that I shall make a cameo in new indie film ‘A New York Story’, written by Andy Barclay. I also have some currently secret (in discussion) projects also! We do hope that the filming for the finale Sex Lies & Depravity will also this year go ahead 😀 

Have a cracking New Year everyone, and thank you once again for all of you who have stood behind me, believed in me, and support my film & book contributions- Long may they continue! 




❤ x















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