Poetry in motion! …and a happy new year!

Cheesy, obvious title I know! 

I just wanted to say I hope you all have had a magical Xmas, and are looking forward to a positive, Happy New Year, full of success and fun! 

I’ve had a fantastic 2013 and feel very achieved, in June Sex Lies & Depravity came out on DVD, and I have since released 4 erotica books and one poetry collection. I have secured many a happy meeting for the New Year with lots more projects on the go! It is my resolution to double my work load for 2014. February will also bring about the official release to DVD of More Sex Lies & Depravity (the sequel), and our beloved and gross Boys Behind Bars. 

Anyway before I sign off Stu Willis who has reviewed some of the films I’ve been involved with before on Sex Gore Mutants, took the time to review my Poetry Collection ‘Tough Blows Of A Sleepless Universe’. First off I’d like to thank him as I’m so touched by the review, mainly because of how much that book means to me! Secondly I can admit that, the poetry collection is by far my poorest sold book to date, poetry is Niche it was always going to be a hard road, but I didn’t make the collection to sell millions, I made it because I had to/wanted to, for me! 

But if you’d like to check out Stu’s review, please do, he’s a fantastic reviewer! You never know maybe you’ll even treat yourself to a  Kindle or Paperback copy of my scribbles. 

Check out Tough Blows Of A Sleepless Universe & it’s review


Happy New Year, and thank you to all of you for your continued support for my films and books! 

Love you,






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