November’s nearly over! An update 27/11/13

Hey Beautiful people,

A short but sweet update before November fucks off and leaves us and that naughty fat, fucker slides down my chimney to throw coal at me! 

November has been a good month for me, one of success I think, I have sold the most units of my books so far with obviously ‘Dirty Sexy Deadly’ still way ahead in sales than my other two books, and I can also announce Dirty Sexy Volume 2 is nearing completion!

I also now have an Amazon Authors Page Click Here – I know seriously exciting shit right? 

On a final note of  ‘the successful month’ I’m also delighted to see the two new films ‘Boys Behind Bars’ & ‘More Sex Lies & Depravity’ on sale, and not only that, but actually being pre ordered. As always thank you so much! 

I’ll leave you with this before I sign out, if you haven’t checked out my books or films please feel free to give them a go, and the big news is….

In December I am directing my own piece and acting in the film as well, and even better than that the film will feature faces you’ve all seen in mine & Jason’s films before. I can’t tell you what the films about but all I will say is, it’s going to be the maddest, craziest, freak show I’ve done to date! More about that soon 😉 

Lots of love, and a Happy last few days of Nov, 

Wade R




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