Boys Behind Bars- Follow the nasty as fuck adventure!

So it’s official the street release date for the DVD is February 18th 2014, but fingers crossed we can get hold of some copies before that, we’d love for you to support our journey for our second feature film release after our 2012 film ‘Sex Lies & Depravity’, well I say 2nd, however BBB will be released the same day as the Sex, Lies sequel!!! 

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Me as the slutty, nasty, foul mouthed Darrell, he was a pleasure to play…the nasty mother fucker!




Darrell is a well trained prison bitch looking forward to a night alone in his cell getting jacked on the drugs he’s had smuggled in when a riot erupts on the floors above. 

To separate the offenders, three of the inmates are placed in Darrell’s cell. Always up for a laugh, Darrell teases, flirts and annoys his fellow cellies Seth & Lanks, until a new boy is placed with them and becomes prey to these wild animals. 

Nothing short of offensive and disgusting, these boys are savage and hell bent on abusing, insulting, and degrading each other throughout the night.

4 Boys, One Room, & Pure Hell in the Cell, this trashy British art house, throwback captures the reality of the 80’s.




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