New Ventures, New Books, and new film releases! Shit guy, I’m busy!

Hello world,

Just another little quick hello, I’m working on something new…Ohhh? 

Yes I’m writing my third book title at the moment and I’m sorry to say it won’t be gay erotica, fear not though, more will be on it’s way in a few months time. I’m currently writing a concept book about the world, poetry, and lots of other stuff, I won’t say to much though, but I will say this, I’m so far very happy with how it’s going, and personally feel it may be some of my strongest work to date! 

However this all being said, If you haven’t yet feast your eyes upon said gay erotica, then maybe it’s time to give it a go, my collection of short stories ‘Dirty Sexy Deadly’ is now £1.03 on Kindle, and £3.25 on Kindle, so be sure to go give it a peek! My latest Novella ‘The Serotine Within’ is also out now on Kindle and paperback and I guess if incest, murder and sex rocks your world then it’s probably for you! 




Now I’ve received news that ‘Boys Behind Bars’ & ‘More Sex Lies & Depravity’ will be coming to pre order on DVD, VERY SOON! 


Now if you’ve not seen the first Sex Lies & Depravity then you need to hurry your arse in time for the 2nd, you can get it on most Amazon’s worldwide, VOD, Walmart, Xbox (USA), and ebay! 

Anyhow, good bye fine people, and here’s a sneak preview at the new DVD’s art works!




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