From Screen writer to Author (A Journey)

So just recently has been pretty fucking amazing, I spent a lot of time last year and this year working writing films, and acting, these included Sex Lies & Depravity, Boys Behind Bars, Last Chance at Paradise & various other shorts. 

Then in August this year as just another side project I wrote a collection of gay short stories ‘Dirty Sexy Deadly’, and couldn’t believe it when people actually started buying my work. This was a review from LGBT reviewer Amos Lassen.

Last week I released my latest Novella ‘A Serotine Within’ a book of love, murder, crime and madness, yet again, people have brought it and I’m shocked, and Amos kindly reviewed it, giving it a proper amazing thumbs up!


If you fancy giving this unknown author a read, check your local Amazon for Kindle & Paperback editions of my two pieces of work, I’m really loving this journey so much, and rest assured my third books in the works.


Peace & Love,




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