Behind The Book- Dirty Sexy Deadly By Wade Radford

So the last few days I’ve been doing a lot of shouting out for my new paperback and kindle release of short stories ‘Dirty Sexy Deadly’.

The book contains four short stories, all with elements of erotica to them, but also thrillers and crime stories in there own right. 

Here is a bit about each story:

The Serotine at Dawn-

Darkest erotica, insightful psychosis, lustful hearts that beat deep into dusk, another kind of creature you’ll learn to love in this blood spattered, intensive, yet mysterious ride that will leave you yearning for more….


Xavier the Knife-

‘Xavier, the guy you all dream about- Young, sexy, dirty and for the right price can be yours for the night! Tonight’s the lucky night for Alessandro, a hot thirty something Italian and Xavier can’t wait to invade his world of fine red wine, decadent taste and old school vinyl record. The mysterious Xavier invites you to enjoy one of his many sexy crusades, but any guy this boy meets is about to have his world, well and truly rocked!’


Dream Lust-

Dreaming at night is our escape from the reality of the real world, but what if your best friend invaded your dreams each night, what if you awoke covered in your own love juice, yearning for your best friend?


The Serotine At Dawn: Part 2

 ‘The Serotine at Dawn Part 2’ is the follow story the sexy and deadly Alexander Thomas-Kidder. Now behind bars and serving time for his crimes, Alexander is met by rookie criminal profiler Larna Lay, who speaks to Alex in the hope of learning more about his crimes as a way of furthering her own career.  Charming as always Alex takes Larna on a tour of his warped mind, and spills the beans on his life, his strange loves, his past sexual encounters and his yearning to see Ross again.

It was important for me as always to have in the book, good character development, when watching films or reading books, the must for me is to almost fall for the leading character. I am especially hopeful for a certain character in the book (Alexander Thomas Kidder) and depending on the response to him, a novel may be on the cards in the future! I feel there’s a lot I can do with him. 

Please take the time to grab the kindle, or better yet order a paperback copy.

Out now on most Amazon’s worldwide, check your local listing, though here’s some.

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Review By Amos Lassen on story ‘Xavier The Knife’

Review By Amos Lassen on story ‘The Serotine At Dawn’



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