Last Chance At Paradise (Complete)

Well, the other night I got to watch ‘Last Chance At Paradise’, the latest slice of experimental art from myself & director Mr Impey.

The film is so different from anything we’ve made, which fills me full of joy, I like to bring something new to the table each time, and watching myself in a Romance story was enough to make me vom! 

It was so sweet it was disgusting, I obviously can’t say how I performed in said film, however it was so crazy seeing me act out this loved up, kind romantic. 


The film is very visually pleasing, and if I had to take a guess at an audience I think it’d suit, I’d say those young repressed teenagers, dreaming of falling in love, and fearing the loss of love from others, family, friends, society! 

The film comes in at an odd time of 1 hour and 12 minutes, and is very  beautifully shot with many a candle light scene. 

A massive thank you to Honey Bane whom it was a pleasure to work with, and well done also to Connor Paganini. 

Give it a go, it’s different! Keep a look out for more. 




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