We all come from nothing! The ‘Sex, Lies & Depravity’ Retrospective!





It started out as an idea of mine in my youth, a micro budget film that hit home the harsh realities of lives behind closed doors, on UK Council estates. 

A story of deprivation, sexuality, mental illness, domestic violence & substance abuse! 

Now today, a year in the making SEX LIES & DEPRAVITY gets it’s official DVD release and here is my retrospective. 



To recap-

SEX, LIES, & DEPRAVITY’ (2012)- Follows the life of ‘Jake’, his own turmoil’s and the turmoil’s of those around him. As Jake struggles with the memories of his tough, repressed childhood and inflicts harm upon his girlfriend Hannah, Hannah’s best friend Lisa tries to piece the puzzle of Jake’s life together. Childhood best friend Arran begins to realise his old buddy is no longer the friend he remember’s, while Jake get’s caught up in the mad life style of drugs & deprivation after meeting the gay, streetwise Ethan & sidekick Carla. 

As the story unfolds, a can of worms is opened, and a tale of Council Deprivation, Domestic Violence, Mental Illness & Sexuality is unleashed.

The Journey: 

I met UK Indie Director Jason Impey in January 2012, and from our first meeting I knew that we would go to extremes to challenge the idea’s around indie film making, DIY a piece of real entertainment and to hit a message home to our audiences. 

I respected Jason’s know how for the market and film making, and thought a lot of his previous work had the exact DIY feel about them that I believed in equally. 

Within months of meeting him, I called in the talents of my good friend, and producer with whom I’ve had years of creativity with, Victoria Howlett, Vickee could feel also where I was coming from with the script and with her help we created the atmosphere, the sets, and the props to bring this gritty, grim drama together. 

By March 18th 2013, we had the cast, and we had began filming, actors & actresses both fresh and experienced travelled from all over the country to make their mark on this film. We shot in 10 days, shoots lasted up to 18 hours, we filmed in the pissing rain, we struggled to hit deadlines, but ultimately as a team of people wanting to achieve the same goal, we shot a feature length, 2 hour, indie art house picture. 

We made fantastic communication with musical artists and enlisted the help of dedicated musicians Kerry Jo Hodgkin, Emily ‘Adiescar’ Chase, Jamie Stimpson & Mister Vitez, all to bring to the table their diverse and amazing sounds. 

A friend of mine and punk rocker of the 80’s Honey Bane also came forward to help us achieve the sound we wanted, she also believed in the same goal we where headed for, and the pleasure was all mine when she gave us a good 40% of her new album ‘Acceptance Of Existence’ to go on the soundtrack. 



The film had the raw effect, it had the image, and it certainly had the sounds. 

Jason had tight deadlines to hit (some may say unbelievably tight deadlines) but he hit them, and 2 hours before the films opening night the first disc arrived at the venue, it was still warm from being prepared. 

The first night was amazing, the audience interaction, the sounds of shock, emotional and either raw humor could all be heard. 

The night was a success, and though the film was micro budget and literally as Ethan would say ‘Came from nothing’ it hit home, and had the effect we had desperately hoped for, it hit home for some people and made them look at their own lives. 

Just days later Myself & Actress/Producer Victoria Howlett, joined the main man Leigh Sorrell (Jake) in Essex for a further two screenings, though maybe not as ram packed with audiences as Milton Keynes, yet again it had an effect. 

For a while thing’s went quiet as we spoke to Distributors, and truth be told, at times we got a little disheartened. But we still believed in this project, it was a film for real people, made by real people, ain’t nothing better than that! While seeking Distribution we pressed forward and in September 2012 began shooting a sequel ‘More Sex, Lies & Depravity’. 

Around the same time, WWMM in the USA picked the film up and agreed they’d like to distribute it. At the time the film had a working title of ‘Jake’ and soon after the film was born ‘Sex, Lies & Depravity’. 

Thing’s went quiet again as preparations and finishing touches where made, and it wasn’t until January 2013, that the film showed it’s head again as myself, Victoria Howlett & Natasha Sauer (Hannah), went over to Stockholm, Sweden to play the film 3 nights at the Gurraberg. Though again the theater was small it was amazing to see this ‘British’ film register with a completely different culture, that meant an awful damn lot. 

In February 2013 the film went onto pre order, and it is with great enthiusim, that I announce it’s official release to DVD this week, June the 18th 2013. 

It’s at this time I also wish to thank everyone, and my god their are to many to thank so I’ll make it brief as you all know who you are, Jason, Vickee, all the fabulous, talented cast members, the incredible musicians, those who let us take over their houses during filming, the ladies who did make up (big thanks to Niah Hallam), the online supporters, reviewers, Honey Bane, those that gave food to the production, props, the pubs, World Wide Multi Media and if I’ve missed anyone, I’m sorry, but thank you. 

Please go and pick up a copy today and support Indie film, £50 films in today’s corporate world shouldn’t be sat on Amazon flying off the shelf, but that is wrong! 

I don’t want your big budget productions, I don’t want your propaganda, or your big star names, I want more low budget indie’s about the real world, about real life, they need to be made available to those that feel the pain of this film, that have lived this tragedy, and for those that are covered in cotton wool and are looking for an understanding and an education. 

Spread this post, spread the Amazon link, and support world film- and even go and have your opinion by buying the DVD. 

It’s been a pleasure and we are so looking forward next to bringing you MORE SEX LIES & DEPRAVITY ON DVD- As well as another little oddity we’ve made- Boys Behind Bars. 









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