Movies That Inspire Moi

So, I spent a lot of my time obnoxiously discussing my own films on this blog, so thought I’d take one post out to discuss other people’s films, the films that since I was a child have inspired me, so here bitches, is my top 10 films. 

10. Hannibal (Dir: Ridley Scott)

So number 10, is ‘Hannibal’ directed by Ridley Scott, I’ve loved this film since I was very young, I remember the first time I saw it, I thought the ‘My Mother always said it’s good to try new foods’ was pretty cool, and was fairly amused by that. It was a great film, shot so well, with some amazing actors, and okay here goes, I’m going to say the old cliche, it’d be lower on this list had Julianne Moore not participated. However in saying that, I actually do commend her efforts as an actress, however she’s no Jodie Foster. Old cliche, but I don’t care! Anthony Hopkins as always was wonderful in this, an actor I very much aspire to, and also special credit to Gary Oldman as Mason Verger, that guy is fucking creepy! 

9.  Jubilee (Dir: Derek Jarman)

Jubilee by Derek Jarman, well to most of the world this film is an odious pile of…….     However, it actually has a very clear message about the world we are becoming, even in 1978 Jarman visioned a world where anarchy ruled, and the streets burned while people murdered, robbed and abused each other without any repercussions from the law. The acting is pretty hammy (which works) and actually had a fabulous cast. We had the young Adam Ant, the even younger Toyah Wilcox, Jenny Runacre, Little Nell (Of the rocky horror contingent), and sly slipped in appearance from ‘The Slits’, among many other faces. The film was fucked up, but that’s why we love you Derek (R.I.P). 

8. Secrets & Lies (Dir. Mike Leigh)

Secrets & Lies by Mike Leigh, OH MY GOD! This film is just incredible, just amazing, just fantastic! The purity of the acting is just outstanding, with a killer cast, real story and just a real landmark in independent film. Timothy Spall stood out in this film, a real caring guy, stuck between his family and wife, just wanting piece and harmony, his speech at the end get’s me every time. Just every performance in the film is so real, so true of families built around lies, and though some may argue that the film is slow paced and very chatty, I argue that your attention span is probably on par with ‘A Bugs Life’ and maybe indie film is possibly a bit high brow for you. 

7. Scum (Dir: Alan Clarke) 

It’s very simple, SCUM by Alan Clarke, ‘I’m the fucking daddy’, violence, great cast, suicide, deprivation, buggery in a greenhouse, foul language, offensive, vile, and real….what’s not to love! 

6. Abigail’s Party (Dir. Mike Leigh)

Oh I just love this film! Mike Leigh you genius bugger, I love you! This film literally has the ability to still make me cringe every time, someone makes a film, sticks a talented unknown cast in one room, shoots the camera for an hour and half, keeps us entertained, engrossed, and in stitches…that’s some amazing film making. Oh and it’s so 70’s it’s enough to make you puke, I love it! 

5. Scrubbers (Dir. Mai Zetterling)

Scrubbers, yet again, I’m some what of a prison film lover, lesbians, suicide, escaped girlies, riots, a young Pam St Clement, Honey Bane, Robbie Coltraine, and a former Hollywood Actress Directing low budget UK indie Lesbian drama…yet again what’s not to love! 

4. Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls (Dir: Russ Meyer)

This film is so bad, so so bad, so so so so bad, that it’s fucking timeless entertainment. I don’t ever really understand if there was a valid point to making this film, but who cares, it’s ruddy amazing! Of course special mention to that naughty girl Edy Williams, we love her as Ashley St Ives- ‘I’d Like to strap you on sometime’, yes Edy and we like to whack on Beyond the valley of the dolls from time to time. 70s trashy B movie, with boobies, gays, transvestites, drugs, orgies, sex, and murder….Oh my I’m Hard!

3. A Nightmare On Elm Street 3- The Dream Warriors (Dir: Churck Russel)

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but this film was the best entry into the NOES franchise! It was dark, funny, scary, gory, and we loved it! Of course we got first introduced to a teenage Patricia Arquette who gave a stellar performance and just the art work, and CGI for the time this was made was just amazing. I loved the new styles of sets for the Elm Street House, of course the penis looking Freddy worm is most certainly a scene high light from the entire franchise, and I just love the whole we’re a bunch of kids, locked up in a institute and we’re gonna kick Freddy’s ass- Dream Warriors you soooo live on! 

2. Nil By Mouth (Dir: Gary Oldman) 

This film breaks my fucking heart time and time again, Kathy Burke, in probably one of my favourite film performances of all time, the scene at the end with Ray, when she’s explaining what he’s made her feel like, one word- powerful!

The entire film is powerful, yet again with a stellar cast, an amazing Director, and a true harsh look at a London council estate, and the effects of gang crime, violence, and heroin addiction. In spite of it’s many disturbing scenes, the word beautiful still springs to mind! If you haven’t seen it…shame on you!

1. The Silence Of The Lambs (Dir: Jonathon Demme) 

And the winner is, The Silence Of The Lambs by Jonathon Demme. 

‘Clarice, do let me know when the lambs stop screaming’ 

The script, incredible, the thrills on-going, the movie, a timeless classic that has loved on, and is unmatched in the genre Physcological Thriller. 

Jodie Foster here at her best, the performance was haunting, and inspiring, while a younger Anthony Hopkins (who then had a whitering career) showed what a versitile amazing actor he is. The camera shots front on into his eyes, as he stares through the camera still put chills down my spine, and I also feel I must give a mention to a usually under mentioned Ted ‘Buffalo Bill’ Levine, who was just totally fucked up and freaky- With a special mention of the smile that comes to my face everytime his willy goes between his legs to give us the special Bill Fanny! 


If I could write a script as perfect as this one day, I’d be so happy, the writing was intense, and to Thomas Harris (The novel writer) the Lambs reference is so amazingly thought up, I adore it.

‘Lambs, being slaughtered’ 

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing film. 

‘You know what you look like to me, with your good bag and your cheap shoes? You look like a rube. A well scrubbed, hustling rube with a little taste. Good nutrition’s given you some length of bone, but you’re not more than one generation from poor white trash, are you, Agent Starling?’


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