Boys Behind Bars- COMPLETE!

Boys Behind Bars Poster 3

So last night I got my first viewing of our new film ‘Boys Behind Bars’, Well bugger me, wasn’t that a charming little film!

I wasn’t really aware on filming this, how nasty it’d turn out to be!

Watching it was pretty intense, filming it was really fun, and the results were pretty shocking- I did on a few occasions gasp and say ‘Was that me?’.

The film this week is now currently seeking distribution, how easy that’ll be I’m not sure, I think the film has a lot of potential, as well as a lot of potential for uproar.

The film isn’t full of sex, or even a little kiss, but what rang really clear to me was certain undertones of different things, maybe a tad perverse is the word!

I’m looking forward to seeing the road and journey this film takes, even more interested to hear feedback, see reviews, and see what people make of this little art house number!

You’ll either get it, or you won’t to be fair!

Excited, let’s see how it goes!



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