Oh to be locked up!

Thing’s are getting pretty damn exciting with the creation of our new film ‘Boys Behind Bars’, I always find the unexpected to be the most thrilling. To be fair this is the unexpected!

Even now we don’t know what kind of reaction this will provoke, what kind of audience it will bring in, and this make’s this new journey something to look forward to.

Boys Behind Bars Poster 3


Directed by Jason Impey, and starring Moi, with some very unclassy props designed by my wonderful Ms Vickee Howlett, I cannot wait to piece this piece of random entertainment together over the next few weeks.

This a true video nasty for 2013, if you stomach the opening scene you should be fine throughout…we hope!

Now most interestingly to me straight off is the obvious preconception by the audience that this is no more than smutty porn! It sounds like it doesn’t it?

You couldn’t be more wrong though, what if I tell you there’s no sex, and not even a little kissy wissy! Well their’s not…. This film manages to be absurd and not very tasteful at all, without having to stoop down to B-Movie status, I of course am not going to give away the real wonders of this crazy ass piece of entertainment, but as a pre precaution if your looking for wank material then this is the wrong view (Unless your into some weird shit of course).

The whole film is set in one cell, with lots of conversation, banter, and drama, with a few cringe moments thrown in.

I really recommend you get your filthy little hands on a copy of this when it becomes available.

IMDB: Boys Behind Bars

Facebook: Boys Behind Bars  

Boys Behind Bars Poster 2


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