Wade Radford


Wade Radford is a cult B Movie actor & filmmaker best known for his role as the debauched Darrell in cult exploitation franchise ‘Boys Behind Bars 1-3′, as well as his unsettling performance as ‘Kayden Daydream’ in the in your face, sexually charged ‘Twink’. His other feature film credits include ‘Sex Lies & Depravity 1-2′ and ‘1 Last Chance at Paradise’.

Wade is one half of a team leading the resurgence of retro B Movie’s and has self confessed his love for the style of film making! Not only is Wade apart of the film world but he has released numerous books in the erotica and poetry genre as well as hosting a successful set of Podcasts in which he has to date received more than 50,000 listens too!

Radford believes in the freedom of film making and the need for features far removed from the ‘Hollywood’ genre! His work is most well known but not limited within the LGBT community, due to many of the films powerful gay leads. A lot of his writing and work also holds a place for the oppressed, deprived & the deeper issues of our society. In his personal life Wade has a great interest in Environmental Issues, Politics, and alternative foods.


2 thoughts on “Wade Radford

  1. Excellent Wade. You’ve made my day!

  2. Keep up the hard hard work of waking up those slumbering to the tune of conformity. You are an inspiration and will be another and better Joe Dellesandro … Your work resonates with freedom and liberation hungry artists and writers. All the best, mate!

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