Jay Proctor A.K.A Wade Radford


Jay Proctor

A.K.A Wade Radford

Poet- Actor- Film Maker- Writer


Known the world over as Wade Radford. Under the title ‘Wade’, Jay Proctor had an extensive collection of work ranging from performances in LGBT film, art house, exploitation & B Movies. He is most well known for his performance as Kayden ‘Quinn’ Daydream in the anti-industry film ‘TWINK’. 

His other film credits include ‘Sex Lies and Depravity’, ‘1 Last Chance at Paradise’ and more. 

Jay is also a writer whose book releases include the poetry and prose anthologies ‘Master Crotch and the Sex Hungry Human Minions’ (2014) and ‘The Ideation of Six Feet Under’ (2016). In June 2017 he released his first non-fiction book ‘A Vision of Life’. 

With over nine feature films under his belt, three books and a SoundCloud of read aloud poetry with over 50,000 hits, Jay remains active on the independent scene. 



3 thoughts on “Jay Proctor A.K.A Wade Radford

  1. Excellent Wade. You’ve made my day!

  2. Keep up the hard hard work of waking up those slumbering to the tune of conformity. You are an inspiration and will be another and better Joe Dellesandro … Your work resonates with freedom and liberation hungry artists and writers. All the best, mate!

  3. Just saw your page Wade liked it. More stuff please Bruce

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